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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Pinnacle Movement & Performance in Boca Raton, FL...

Review Stars Testimonials

Alisa L: Overcame hip pain.

I reluctantly consulted with Dr. Otero after receiving a recommendation for Total Hip Replacement (at age 51-way too young!), I was hoping to avoid surgery. I chose him by recommendation of someone who was raving about him, but I did not have high hopes that either he or the treatment would help me. Honestly Dr. Otero shocked me with how skilled and talented he is. His technical skills are top notch and his ability to leverage your personal strengths to get maximum results is uncanny. I was having difficulty walking and constantly in pain before working with him. After a few sessions I am walking normally, my pain level has dropped dramatically and more often than not I forget that I even have a hip issue. Dr. Otero is laser focused on his patients’ improvement and he gets results. I recommend him without hesitation—if you can get an appointment because the man is popular!
Review Stars Testimonials

Geoffery J: Overcame hip pain.

Eric is a special person. He not only has the in depth knowledge of the body and biomechanics (and nutrition), but also has the energy and passion for his craft of working with people. A rare blend for sure. I have a complex set of sports injuries as well as an aging body (48)…Eric pushed me hard enough to maximize the benefits and progress, while ensuring that I do not make mistakes and go backwards. In short, he is the best person I have ever dealt with in the industry (and I have worked with dozens throughout my life in NYC and LA). I hope his organization continues to grow and he is able to impact more and more lives in the way he has mine.
Review Stars Testimonials

Grayson L: Overcame lower back pain.

I came in to see Dr. Lombardi with a horrible pain in my lower back that was limiting my workouts and disturbing my sleep. I chose Pinnacle Movement and Performance due to a recommendation from a friend and I am so glad I did! After my first session with Dr. Lombardi my pain was nearly gone! He was able to explain to me why I was having this pain and has shown me how to properly manage it. Now after a few sessions with him, I am getting back to my normal workouts and sleeping through the night. If you are having pain that is limiting your workouts or daily activities, I would highly recommend Dr. Lombardi and Pinnacle Movement and Performance. They take the time to work with you one on one and really care about your needs!

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