Community Programs
These events and happenings were created for you by business owners who are passionate about helping our community be a fun and healthy place to live. We have been having a blast making friends with other like-minded people and are excited to bring these fun & amazing collaborate events to our Juniper friends. We would love for you to joint us at any or all of them!
Golf FIT Mobility Screens

Do you experience pain while playing golf?

Do you wish you could increase your distance off the tee?

Are you interested in understanding how your body’s mobility and stability are affecting how you play golf?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this event is for you. Take advantage of this INTRODUCTORY offer to Juniper PTs Golf Fit program and learn how your mobility impacts your game.

Stacey Eck, PT, DPT is a golfer and is Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified, which is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

For $49 you can have a 16 movement TPI mobility screen completed, which will give you a golf fitness handicap. This information allows you to understand how your body is contributing to common swing characteristics that may be impacting your game.

4 options to choose options

February 20 / 5-7 PM / @ Juniper PT

February 22 / 8-10 AM / @ Westlake Golf Shop

March 1 / 11-1 PM / @ Tapped on the Lakeshore

March 5 / 5-7 PM / Tapped on the Lakeshore

Foot Yoga Workshop

February 26 / 7 PM / @ Waves Yoga Studio

Your feet are the foundation for your yoga practice. Strong feet and ankle mobility are not only vital for your yoga practice but also for optimal movement throughout your day.

We invite you to an evening dedicated to foot care. Waves Yoga Studio and Juniper PT have collaborated once again with a mission of community connection and education on how to better understand and care for your beautiful body.

Learn how your feet impact your practice, self care techniques to improve the function of your feet and a yoga practice geared towards improving mobility and strength of your feet.

BONUS: FREE Foot Screens from 6-7pm. These are first come first serve with limited availability. Check your emails AFTER you register for the workshop. You will receive an invite with a link to sign up for your individual foot screen.

The Real Core: Tapping Into Your Foundation

February 26 / 5:30 PM / @ Manitowoc Senior Center

A HFM Lean on the Lakeshore Event.

Are your core muscles functioning properly? Understand what the REAL Core actually is and what it does. Come prepared to move in this interactive workshop, and try exercises aimed at teaching you exactly what your core muscles do and learn how to train it for optimal performance. Bring a mat, and a small towel.