Let’s take your wellness to the next level, shall we?

At Juniper PT, we know that it takes hard work and dedication to keep our body working at it’s finest.

We also know that we often need continued support from friends, family, health professionals and our community.

We are very interested in having you reach your goals and want you to live an active, adventurous life.

Would you love to have continued support so that you can be confident your body will work well for you?

Would you like to know that we’ve got your back if you get injured along the way?

Would you like a team of community wellness providers available to you?

Welcome to Elevated Wellness

Elevated is a comprehensive wellness membership that provides the following Juniper PT perks:

PLUS…You Get Additional Wellness Services From the Following Local Providers:

Must Qualify and Limited Availability to Ensure You are Well Cared For.

Meet Our Community Wellness Partners!
Ashley Holly, RD of Soul Grateful

Ashley is a Registered Dietitian with 10 years of experience helping others to transform their health. She has worked in integrative oncology, diabetes care, and is trained in adult weight management.

Ashley is also a meditation and yoga teacher, trained in Carlsbad, California with Deepak Chopra and his team. Mindfulness practice is essential to changing attitudes, negative-thought patterns, and actions, making her methods more effective and enjoyable, all at once.

Ashley will use health coaching strategies, mindfulness, and her expertise in nutrition to help you achieve your health goals.

Come to the table, without “should”, without judgement, and learn to love food and yourself again.

Ariane Gunderson, CYT, E-RYT of Yogi Beer Yoga

Ariane grew up in Watertown, WI and moved to Two Rivers in 2018. She began practicing at the young age of 13, and has been teaching yoga classes for 6 years now. She began her teaching career by getting certified through B&B Yoga School.

Her love of yoga led her to take various yoga trainings; including studies in Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranaflow, Baptiste Yoga, and Ashtanga. From there, she began to teach nationally as a full-time instructor. She has taught yoga in over 15 states, and has enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people in her classes. ​

Ariane leads students in vinyasa flow classes that are ever-changing, powerful and creative. Ariane blends great music, clear instruction, and alignment based sequencing in a way that allows beginners to advanced students to enjoy a beautifully balanced practice.